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Currently listening

  • Nanci Griffith -

    Nanci Griffith: Other Voices Other Rooms
    i love "Song for Sally" (sad) and "This Old Town" (jaunty). "This old town shoulda burned down in 1931, When the rain refused to come. Air filled up our bellies, Dust filled up our lungs, And we thought our time had come. This old town was built by hand In the dust bowl of the Mother Land. There must be rock beneath this sand, Oh' I'll be damned, This town still stands." -- Janis Ian (***)

  • Allman Brothers -

    Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
    From 1972. This was blasted out of dorm rooms during warm weather. My favorites are Stand Back, Blue Sky, and Little Martha. Don't care much for Melissa -- he's mumbling the words. (Mountain Jam is 33 minutes -- can you imagine handling two LPs?) (***)

  • Todd Rundgren -

    Todd Rundgren: Something / Anything
    From 1972. My roomie and I played the hell out of this freshman year. The liner notes are wonderfully droll. I like It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference, Black Maria, Couldn't I Just Tell You, Little Red Lights -- actually almost all of Disc 2. (***)

  • Hooters -

    Hooters: Nervous Night
    This is from 1985. We saw them open for another band, but i forget who the headliner was now! distinctive instrumentation - mandolin and some other stuff. (**)

Recent movies

  • 1/29/11, netflix. what a prick.
  • 1/23/10, Tilton 9, $6.50 (matinee). amazing to think the entire two hours was almost entirely one person on screen. riveting, with some creative artsy effects.
  • 1/22/10, Towne 16, $6.50 (matinee). great story.
  • 1/21/10, Tilton 9, $9.50. Enjoyed seeing the scenes of Harvard. Great movie, great performaance by Jesse Eisenberg.
  • 1/20/11, netflix. always wanted to see this classic. very disappointing. superficial and formulaic. the score was awful. charming to see the 1971 fashions tho.
  • 01/07/11, netflix. great. i loved the book, and the movie actually did the book justice. and the 60's setting was such a treat.
  • 01/02/11, netflix. adorable. a bit too adorable.
  • 12/28/10, netflix. one of Tarantino's best, up there with Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.
  • 12/12/10. finally watched this classic. charming (and wonderful to see a young Natalie Wood), but won't be adding it to my must-watch holiday fare.
  • 12/02/10, netflix. informative and funny.
  • 11/17/10, netflix. the spunky pregnant teenager seemed contrived and labored to me.
  • 12/19/210. library. watched this with Tracey. a warning about choosing bad husbands!
  • 12/17/10, netflix. a little formulaic; made to make white Hollywood feel better?
  • 12/08/10, netflix. Rented this because it was on a "best christmas movies" list. It was ok, but i won't be adding it to my personal list.
  • 10/26/10 (when there was no baseball on?), netflix. Wanted to share this cool, campy flick with Victor, but i don't think he appreciated it as much as i did. Despite having Will Farrell and Jerry Stiller in it, both of whom really irritate me, i love this movie. for most of the movie i thought jon voight was christopher walken, doh.
  • 09/29/10. instant netflix in my hotel room in Murfreesboro. Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves is one of my favorite movies. This one is an insider's view of the craft of filmmaking, which probably most people would not enjoy. i did though. Quite neat.
  • 7/25/10. netflix. a few good laughs but the painfully awkward truth-telling was not that funny. Jennifer Garner is sooo pretty.
  • 5/31/09, blockbuster.
  • 5/30/09, blockbuster. fun.
  • 5/27/09, netflix. fun.
  • 5/17/09, netflix. a reputation as a tearjerker, but i was dry-eyed. nothing can beat Imitation of Life (1959) for mother-daughter melodrama.
  • 5/16/09, Tilton 9, $8.50. very enjoyable. victor liked Uhuru's ass.
  • 5/6/09, netflix. figured i oughta see this cult classic. not that funny when it's a little too close for comfort! i loved Milton.
  • 4/6/09, netflix. dreadful overacting, but a great story and beautiful cinematography.
  • 3/31/09, blockbuster. I rented this to watch while victor was absent, but he ended up watching it with me (and not particularly liking it, of course). After watching all five seasons of Six Feet Under over the last 6 months, it was cool to see Rachel Griffiths in a pre-Brenda role. Emily Watson is one of my favorite actresses (Breaking the Waves (1996), Angela's Ashes (1999)).
  • 3/27/09, netflix. oh those French, so droll and downbeat. i actually enjoyed this.
  • 3/21/09, netflix. visually sumptuous but that was the only redeeming feature. what an array of HEADGEAR! it's just silly to pick a leader at age 4. and another thing that stuck in my craw -- male-dominated society.
  • 1/30/09, blockbuster. victor just couldn't fathom how the professor was so disconnected from relationships and life, but i can certainly understand. The Syrian guy was so adorable.
  • 1/27/09, netflix. i guess as i get older, I'm not liking Neil Simon as much. frenetic and shallow. very nice to revisit a young Jane Fonda, but her character was quite annoying. So was Redford's. Charles Boyer as Victor Velasco stole the show!
  • 1/18/09, netflix. pretty good adaptation of Margaret Atwood's classic (and feminist) dystopian vision.
  • 1/17/09, netflix. why do i always fall asleep during this movie? great art direction, unsettling juxtaposition of old-fashioned costuming and gritty sets.
  • 12/29/08, netflix. an interesting look at the "sixties". so modern!!! boy did they smoke and drink alot back then.
  • 12/26/08, from the library. great to see this again after so many years. the best part is, victor and shane both enjoyed it heartily too! mary woronov doesn't disappoint.
  • 12/16/08, netflix. wonderfully witty and charming. the leads (Sasson Gabai and Ronit Elkabetz) were amazing!

  • 11/29/08, blockbuster.
    man, is Ben Stiller BUFF in this one. i was drooling over his arms.

  • 11/22/08, netflix. a little darker than i remember it being. maybe that's because now i know a couple of transgender people, and have an inkling of the angst.
  • 11/17/08, netflix.
  • 11/8/08, blockbuster. I had of course seen this classic years ago but totally forgot the story. it's a goodie.
  • 11/8/08, blockbuster.
  • 10/31/08, TiVo'd by Jack. pretty cheesy but kinda fun.
  • 10/26/08, Blockbuster. entertaining, but what the fuck did Meg Ryan do to her face?????
  • 10/25/08, Blockbuster. rather formulaic, but enjoyable nonetheless. (Boy, does Jack Nicholson look old.)
  • 9/13/08, Tilton 9, $8.50. Typical Coen brothers fare, pretty funny. Brad Pitt plays his character to the hilt. Clooney's guy is a goof too.
  • 9/5/08, netflix. boy, ava gardner was lookin old.
  • 8/16/08, netflix. could not get the old Zamfir commercials out of my head!
  • 7/29/08, netflix. rather a rather standard treatment of a mission in WWII, which failed mostly because of naive expectations, groupthink, and an arrogant disregard of available intelligence. (Reminded me of the runup to the Iraq war, actually.) Terrible score.

  • 7/20/08, Stadium 10, Durham NC. If you know me, you know i'm not a big fan of fantasy or superhero movies, nor blockbusters neither. But this had dark themes. (No surprise, i also liked Batman Begins.) Heath Ledger was the star of this movie, not Christian Bale. Of course you also can't go wrong with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.
  • 7/10/08, netflix. Rather boring, but maybe i'm just in a funk. Nice to see a fresh-faced Brad Pitt though!
  • 6/19/08. netflix. mod 60's and arty-farty. rather thin, but it kinda stayed with me. too bad i didn't know till AFTERwards that the band scene was the Yardbirds -- wow!!!!
  • 6/15/08, Towne16, $6.50 matinee. what fun! Karen Allen has such beautiful eyes!
  • 6/7/08, netflix. in honor of Sydney Pollack's death. i blubbered just as much as the first time i saw this. the quintessential chick flick. Meryl Streep is so beautiful.
  • 5/28/08, netflix. a downer.
  • 5/21/08, netflix.
  • 5/17/08, blockbuster.
  • 5/16/08, blockbuster.
  • 5/10/08, netflix. Gene Hackman as ubernerd. quite evocative of the 70's. imagine doing surveillance with all non-digital equipment!
  • 5/2/08, netflix. i have loved Chris Cooper since American Beauty. He is great here but why does he look like he's wearing lipstick in some scenes?
  • 4/16/08, netflix. pretty silly stuff.
  • 4/13/08, blockbuster. delightfully silly. Koko died in my arms while we were watching it.
  • 4/11/08, blockbuster. didn't really know what to expect, i was just told this was a funny movie. wasn't sure if i was watching satire at first! but, a pretty good riff on the American action movie genre, as seen thru British eyes.
  • 4/8/08, Towne 16, Nine (9) freakin' dollars! But... figured it'd be best on the Big Screen. Lovely costumes and cinematography. Since it's based on Philippa Gregory's fictionalized account, I can accept the fact that it was thin on historical events; the focus was on the relationships, loyalty, and betrayal of the two sisters and their family, in particular, the contrast between "good" Mary and "ruthless" Ann. However, being PG-13, there just wasn't enough hot sex. If it had been R, it could've fulfilled its mission better.
  • 4/5/08, blockbuster.
  • 4/4/08, blockbuster. whew. excellent. except, i must admit, i kept thinking of Ordinary People. (I haven't seen that in years -- must add it to my netflix queue.) And, i must say, it seemed like a different movie when Matt pulls off his plot; then returning to Ruth, it reverts to the movie it was. P.S. Spacek is so beautiful.
  • 4/3/08, blockbuster. great. this movie really grew on me. i think i'd like to watch it again, right away. (last time i felt that way was Fargo.)
  • 4/2/08, blockbuster. what a creepy little woman. amazing performance, so physical. no wonder Cotillard got the Best Actress oscar.
  • 4/1/08, blockbuster. ooh those nihilistic French. i liked this.
  • 3/31/08, blockbuster.
  • 3/30/08, netflix. amazing transformation of Ben Kingsley. kudos to the makeup and costuming team.
  • 3/29/08. not my cup of tea.
  • 3/24/08, netflix. Despite the fact that there is a whole industry sprung up around this film to explain the plot, i was able to enjoy it without having to spend the equivalent of a semester understanding what was going on. Mostly because i can always watch Jake Gyllenhaal, yum. The mom, Mary McDonnell, was very good too. Ultimately, it was worth the whole movie to hear "Mad World" at the end.
  • 3/11/08, netflix. Boy, Patrick Swayze is pretty!
  • 3/7/08, netflix.
  • 2/22/08, blockbuster. a lovely story.
  • 2/19/08, netflix. Katie Holmes is really cute. great mix of strange families and people.
  • 2/12/08, blockbuster. didn't like this too much. Claire, far from being the "perfect" girlfriend, is pushy and controlling. good soundtrack but too many songs -- it's irritating to just hear 30 seconds of each one and then on to the next scene. very choppy.
  • 2/2/08, blockbuster. pretty good.
  • 2/7/08, netflix. Who do you believe? That was the tagline for this movie, and an apt one. The whole family seems creepy to me, and so do the police, the accusers, and most everyone else. The only reasonable person was the journalist Debbie Nathan. Excellently done documentary -- particularly how pertinent pieces were revealed continuously but discretely, and how just listening to the various individuals reveals each one's character.
  • 2/6/08, TMC. First time i've watched this all the way through. I was surprised at the ending. (All i can remember from before is the scene where she falls from the bell tower.)
  • 2/2/08, WHYY, Patrick Stoner Presents. I can't believe i had never seen this classic. Didn't realize the problem he was rebelling against was just that his dad was a wuss. i was disappointed it was in color -- i had always thought it was in B&W!!!
  • 1/29/08, from the library.
  • 1/10/08, netflix. the camera lingers adoringly on Loretta Young, but her beauty is not the Greta Garbo/ Jane Seymour/ Angelina Jolie look, it's a little unusual.
  • 1/1/08, from the library. almost like a combination guy film and chick flick. we both enjoyed it!
  • 12/31/07, from the library. original script was darker, no happy ending.
  • 12/30/07.
  • 12/24/07, netflix. a dramatic and well-developed but forlorn story. linguistically interesting -- they are speaking a mixture of english, zulu, xhosa, and afrikaans.
  • 12/22/07, Towne 16, $9. stylish, but bleak. i don't think i'll want to see it again -- give me Edward Scissorhands instead! an Oscar for the hairstylist.
  • 12/9/07, Tilton 9, $6.50. piecemeal. disappointing. (maybe i shouldn't have read the book beforehand!) however, Eva Green, whom i did not like in Kingdom of Heaven (2005), was better in this role.
  • 12/8/07, netflix. the infidelity plotline was left unresolved. a little sad.
  • 11/29/07, netflix.
  • 11/21/07, netflix.
  • 11/24/07, blockbuster.
  • 11/23/07, blockbuster. These action movies are actually better if you partake of them sparingly.
  • 11/17/07, WHYY late night movie classics with Patrick Stoner! A classic that i had never seen, so i stayed up till 1 am. I wonder what the view of this was when it came out: a little too far-out, "arty" for popular sensibilities, i bet. Didn't really like it that much.
  • 11/17/07, old tape. Victor had never seen it before so i wallowed in this old favorite. Still like it.
  • 11/13/07, netflix. an abrupt ending.
  • 11/10/07, chelsea's copy. pretty enjoyable with quite a few good laughs, but i just could not get over the creepy thought of rats cooking food and scrambling all over the kitchen surfaces. ick!
  • 11/2/07, netflix. just the kind of gee whiz movie victor likes. not really true to the era (dialog and other anachronisms). bastard Catholics... "Catholic school, vicious as Roman rule".
  • 10/20/07, netflix. many-layered movie about devotion, isolation, and breaking through. rife with visual and emotional symbolism. i think my favorite Almodovar yet.
  • 10/12/07, netflix. FINALLY watched this classic. just wonderful! altho it did not hold the interest of my 17yo stepdaughter, who "doesn't like B&W films," preferring anime, swashbuckling, or blood&gore.
  • 10/04/07, netflix. engaging but unhappy story of an Afghani girl who dresses like a boy in order to support his mother (a doctor) and grandmother when they aren't permitted to work during the Taliban days. The actors are all amateurs and very real. The writer/director, i was surprised to learn, is a man.
  • 9/3/07, netflix. charming little movie.
  • 8/21,26/07, netflix. pretty funny but i can understand why they couldn't sustain this over more than six episodes.
  • 8/14/07, netflix. wonderful movie, although acting by Naii, Bashu's adoptive mother, strangely stilted at times (or perhaps it was just bad direction).
  • 8/10/07, netflix. A little slow at times. I especially enjoyed the character of Lola, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.
  • 7/31/07, netflix. disturbingly close to current cultural trends. chock full of ideas, but quite unpleasant viewing!
  • 6/30/07, netflix. not knowing much about this movie except that it was a well-loved cult classic, i was a bit taken aback by the suicide scenes in the beginning. i didn't think they were funny. but i did like the story. (this cost me over $20 to rent because i had it out for about two months!)
  • 5/10/07, rental. wonderful story, although a bit linear and a little predictable. not that that's a bad thing; but kept it from being a great movie. Loved the fact that this movie is in German, English, Swahili, and Hebrew. (but where's the Yiddish?)
  • 5/5/07, rental. Hated it.
  • 4/30/07, rental. my daughter's favorite artist. i wonder how "accurate" Bowie's portrayal of Warhol was?
  • 4/29/07, netflix. Pre-Amelie Audrey Tautou. Why is joie de vivre a French saying? These French show anything but. And they smoke alot. Was the message that everything that happens in life is pre-destined? Or random occurrence? It seems, both.
  • 4/14/07, netflix. pleasantly amusing (trying for comedies that victor will like). Alan Arkin a little flat.
  • 4/7/07, netflix. held onto this for over three weeks until i was in the mood to watch it. not as compelling as i expected, but it was great to see clips of Daniel Ellsberg, Clark Clifford, and Gen. Westmoreland speaking for the film.
  • 3/20/07, rental. pleasant, but nothing great. (at least there was no violence to disturb victor.)
  • 3/8/07, netflix. "Global Warming for Dummies." perhaps it's just because i'm already familiar with alot of this stuff, but i was disappointed. it's not honest science when you try to make your point by singling out individual incidents or examples. i've seen more compelling specials on PBS or the Discovery Channel.
  • 3/4/07, rental. i just love the picture on the cover. but boy was this a BAAAADDD movie.
  • 2/28/07, rental. a little darker than i expected. with a combo like Robin Williams, Lewis Black, and Christopher Walken, it could have been so much better.
  • 2/24/07, netflix. (third time's the charm. twice before i had rented this only to return it unwatched by the due date.) had heard so much positive about it, and i generally like the Coen brothers, but this did not light my fire. charming and sweet, but not ravingly wonderful.
  • 2/19/07, rental. i'm willing to sacrifice a little realism if it results in a good kids' movie -- one with equal parts adventure, morals, cultural exposure, and interesting animals. this one fit the bill.
  • 2/18/07, rental. almost a documentary about OCD. victor liked it because it made him feel so normal in comparison.
  • 2/18/07, Frank Towne 16, $6.25. Restored and re-released. The acting styles so different - O'Toole with theatrically loud, expansive gestures (some have called it overacting); Burton conveying much in moody looks. Well worth seeing on the big screen.
  • 2/16/07, rental. just a diversion for Victor. but i kinda like Owen Wilson now (after just seeing him recently in Zoolander and Night at the Museum).
  • 2/14/07, netflix. i thought this family was pretty middling on the dysfunctionality spectrum, but Victor found it quite upsetting. i had heard good things about this movie and wanted to like it -- but there could have been more there. the wacky artist, and his spewing penises, was pretty memorable.
  • 2/4/07, Frank 16, $6.25. tagged along with others to see this. what you'd come up with if the digital people ran the studios. i liked the fact that Dick Van Dyke turned out to be a baddie.
  • 2/3/07, rental. hated the trailer (because i just can't listen to high-pitched screaming), and would never have rented this but for the Golden Globe/Oscar nominations. it was fun. I used to have a yellow bus like that!
  • 2/1/07, netflix. lovely story. i like movies carried by children as unprecious as these. in Farsi with subtitles.
  • 1/27/07, rental. Did not really like this. A little thin. And weird, unlikeable characters.
  • 1/22/07, rental. Seder gone wild.
  • 1/17/07, netflix. First saw this at age 10 or so, piled into the car at the drive-in, probably playing or fighting with my sister, in our jammies, and annoying our parents. 43 years later, i wanted to see it again since i didn't understand what was going on in 1964. A wonderful period piece of the Cold War. Held my attention even though the DVD player was burping continuously through the whole 118 minutes.
  • 1/13/07, at the Tilton 9, $8. bleak! i don't remember all the "savior" allusions in the book (which is one of my favorite dystopian visions, and written by a non-sci-fi writer too); this annoyed me. Michael Caine was wonderful (as usual!).
  • 1/9/07, netflix. the glory of B&W! pretty faithful to the book; however, the censors of the time must have made it necessary to completely eliminate all references to Fowler's opium addiction. instead, he's seen smoking cigarettes in every scene -- not quite the same. they also added some political text at the beginning and end, trumpeting our support of the infant nation of (South) Vietnam. also, too bad they couldn't find a Vietnamese actress to play Phuong.
  • 12/9/06, netflix. interesting, but not enough meat here to constitute a full-length movie. maybe a special on Animal Planet instead.
  • 12/3/06, netflix. a little too neat, with the german commander having a french wife, the french commander needing to know if his wife had their baby, the scots commander playing the bagpipe. and the opera star bringing in his beautiful soprano star girlfriend to sing in latin to all the soldiers, who must have all been christian except for the german commander who was jewish, and the scots who were presbyterian, and the french, who were probably atheists. the only feeling of real was the soldier kissing his dead frozen brother.
  • 12/1/06, rental. wow, are there women that really have that many shoes? i wear four: in the summer, flip flops -- everywhere. in the winter, my hiking boots. at the gym, my sneex. and sometimes, a pair of black loafers. i mainly liked Rose's sarcastic friend.
  • 11/28/06, rental. "Southern Jersey - Coal Mining Country"!!! This was so silly and fun. One of those movies that bears repeat viewing because you can't possibly catch all the gags the first time. No wonder it has a cult following.
  • 11/25/06, rental. in German with subtitles. amusing story, but enjoyed it mostly for the glimpse into East German life around the fall of the Wall.
  • 11/20/06, Netflix.
    Intimate story, big theme: the whys and wherefores of gender, guilt, longing, self-delusion. Poignant drawings about the "origin of love". Loved the name of the restaurant franchise for Hedwig's gigs: Bilgewater's. Funniest parts: Hedwig's moony lover Yitzhak sees the audition flyer for Rent and all the parts are described as "young, edgy fill-in-the-blank". Hedwig tells her story to a handful of fans, sitting on a pile of tires. Only one fan turns up for the "Menses Fair". Hedwig/Hansel must practice singing with her head in the oven because their apartment is too small. The band plays spin-the-bottle with a real baby bottle. The hasidic jew drives by in the alley looking for a hooker. Hedwig's room filled with 60 blonde wigs (that's a little creepy). The salad bar's grimy and dried-snot-covered sneeze guard.
  • 11/17/06, rental.
    Who couldn't love a movie about women who want to kill themselves? Just kidding. I liked the book, but the screenplay really added to the story in the visual juxtaposition of thematic elements -- flowers, doors, beds, food. And i still love Meryl Streep.
  • 11/13/06, Netflix.
    the only character in this movie who wasn't a liar was the creep who was doing the videotaping (a boyishly cute James Spader), and who had admitted to being a prior pathological liar.
  • 11/1/06, rental.
    a little boring and tame for a movie about B&D! Not sure if the emphasis was supposed to be on censorship, the definition of sexual "deviation," and the society at large, or about the emotional world of Bettie Page, who loves her work but then repudiates it and ends up reading scripture to passersby on the streetcorner. Gretchen Moll interesting -- homely in some scenes and really cute in others.
  • 10/29/06, at the insanely expensive Hamilton Regal -- $8.75!!! i hate that place!
    i was prepared to not like this due to the mediocre reviews. but it was pretty neat. just enough twists and mysteries to keep me engaged, but not so much to leave me confused. (admittedly i have a hard time following movies, like spy movies and crime dramas, with a lot of detail). Michael Caine humanized the whole thing for me, Hugh Jackman is one handsome man, and David Bowie's small part was inspired! Thomas Yorke song at the end was a big payoff for me too.
  • 10/24/06, rental.
    when i thought the story was going to be about intrigue in the Border Patrol, i wasn't interested. i wasn't interested in the waitress and the young bored wife either. but when the story turned out to be about Tommy Lee Jones' character's "mission", i was entranced.
  • 10/6/06, rental.
    great music by Gogol Bordello. Read the book.
  • 9/30/06, rental.
    i just love Lady Tottingham. pic of Lady Tottingham
  • 9/15/06, my dad gave it to me.
    strangely upbeat score to a depressing movie. the "sensuality" scenes (where Rose and her creepy lover do it in the glade for the first time) were lovely. needed to be on a BIG screen, not square format on a pitiful 27" TV.
  • 9/2/06, rental.
    "It's good to be the king."
  • 9/2/06, rental. pretty good. watched it with the family.
  • 7/13/06, rental.
    that scene in the beginning where woody is running into people with his wheelchair is just milk-shooting-out-the-nose hilarious. a few misses, but lots of really great sight gags, and lines. "We're here to see the nose. I hear it was running." and "I'm not really the heroic type. I was beat up by Quakers."
  • 6/25/06, from the library.
    simple-minded romance. but Gere is so young here! and Debra Winger is so beautiful. i would kill for that hair.
  • 6/24/06, from the library.
    pretty amusing, but i kept seeing Pulp Fiction.
  • 4/22/06, rental.
    Jake Gyllenhaal with no hair, waaah!
  • 3/27/06, rental.
    just the sort of semi-sappy inspirational family-centered spiritual emotive movie that (i've learned) victor likes.
  • 3/23/06, rental.
    Jake Gyllenhaal only 18 here.
    oo la la, love that fresh flesh.
  • 3/19/06, rental. groovy music.
    i would have liked it better with someone other than Bill Murray in the lead.
  • 3/19/06, rental. fun.
    interesting focus on the dynamic between renegade rugger Joe and his son, Robert. After Joe's heart attack he softens and starts to appreciate his son as a unique individual.
  • 2/28/06 rental.
    i'm partial to movies/books that mess with linearity (and mess with your head).
  • 2/26/06 rental.
    if you liked Waking Ned Devine, you'll like this.

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